Things You Can Find In A CT Daycare Center

Things You Can Find In A CT Daycare Center

Sending your child to a CT daycare center is a good option especially if you work and you have no one to look after your child. If you are located in Connecticut then you can choose from several Appletree daycare centers. These Connecticut day care centers provide child care services that are home-inspired so that your child feels secure and comfortable.

Hence, there is no reason for you not to have an area in your house that provides the same comfortable, safe, and secure learning environment. Below are some things that you can find in a daycare center which you can easily put in your own home.

  • Books. It is always good to surround your child with age-appropriate books and make sure to read one to your child every day. This will help your child develop a love for reading and will also make it more fun for him or her to learn how to read.
  • Puzzles. Do not underestimate the abilities of your child when it comes to puzzle solving. The more a child is exposed to such activities, the better he can develop his puzzle solving skills. Just make sure that the puzzles are appropriate for his age also.
  • Arts and Craft. This is one thing that many kids do not get to do at home because of the mess that it usually entails. However, it will be good for a child to have ready access to a small arts and crafts area where mess will not be a problem. Arts and crafts activities will help develop your child’s fine motor skills.


12 thoughts on “Things You Can Find In A CT Daycare Center

  1. Litzie

    A daycare should be complete of all the right tools to entertain, teach and care for the child like the materials that CT daycare has. I think that daycares should also consider the learning process of the kids, not just how safe they will be inside a daycare but that is of course, very important as well.

  2. Mai

    Since we have been buying tons of books, puzzles and arts and crafts supplies for our preschooler son, I just realized that our house can be transformed into a CT daycare already. What’s just lacking are babies and toddlers!

  3. kcot

    Educators always say that being able to send your kids to good school at their early school years will make them a good individual as they grow old because good learning habits and foundation are instilled. That is why, we moms must make sure to enroll our kids in the best institution as much as possible, just like CT daycare that offers good and quality early education.

  4. Abie

    My son is turning 2 years old already in just a few months and we are contemplating if we should send him to a CT preschool already or not. Thanks for the suggestions you mentioned. Maybe we can put-up a daycare setup first at home to see if our son is already ready or we should wait for a few more years before we send him to school.

  5. Em

    Apple tree preschool has been one of those preschool that do not push kids to study in a structured set-up. Every learning activity should be incorporated in a play setting. I wish there would be more preschool such as this.

  6. Race

    We have plenty of books, puzzles and crafts in the house because my daughters we collected them over their growing up years. Because of this my little boy has enough when he started learning things. It’s best to have your kids become accustomed to an ambience that resembles a CT preschool so when they finally started schooling they will easily adjust and feel at home with their school environment.

  7. Kaje

    We decided to delay our daughter’s schooling for another few months after the SY starts this year. But we are already scouting preschools around our area. One of our considerations is for the school to have a similar environment like our home where there are lots of books and educational toys. Thus we are looking at schools like the CT preschool you shared here.

  8. jennyL

    Aside from home, the school plays a major role in every child’s development and learning. Parents always need to find a school like
    CT preschool that is safe and can nurture every child’s learning process especially if parents are working too.

  9. Dez

    Glad to know that Apple tree preschool has the home-inspired child care services that will make the kids feel comfortable while they learn. Comfort is one key factor that helps them learn things easily.

  10. Suzanne

    CT preschool is indeed a good place to help a child grow and learn. It is a good environment to help kids learn in fun and creative ways with the use of good educational materials.

  11. Kerslyn

    This is really helpful! I will take note of this so I’ll have an idea how to convert part of the house to a somewhat CT daycare with all the supplies needed from educational toys and books to arts and crafts supplies.

  12. Peachy

    The CT daycare is such a great place to nurture and nourish a child’s educational ability. With all those Arts and crafts materials, books and puzzles, learning would surely be fun!

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