Things a Nanny or Babysitter Cannot Do in Public

Things a Nanny or Babysitter Cannot Do in Public

Dindin and Manang Salvie
Dindin with Manang Salvie. We sometimes leave Dindin in the care of household help in case we need to go out. Dindin loves her because Salvie does not want tantrums and gives her what she wants.

There are things that a nanny or a babysitter should not do to a child in public. Sometimes the nanny does not know so it is best to give them a briefing before they start work. Or just refresh them, in case they go overboard in their care giving. Sometimes, nannies can get too involved with the child that they forget their place.

These are some of the things that a babysitter should not do in public. I am also thinking of hiring a sitter for Dindin so this is also good for me.

1. Change Diapers – While it may seem that children are unaware of what is being done to them, I think it affects them when we undress them in public, especially if you put them on a table in a mall and just change their nappies right there and there with their private parts all displayed. The nanny should bring the baby to the family restroom and change nappies there.

2. Berate Kids – Berating or belittling kids has never been appropriate, both for parents and nannies. This is both in public and private situations because hurtful words have a certain negative effects on the child that could not be quantified.

3. Physical Punishment – While hurtful words are not good, spanking, hitting, or slapping a child are not appropriate for nannies to do. And the thing is, if she does it in public, then she could do worse things in private.

4. Ignore Rules Set by Parents – Each household follows a certain set of rules and babysitters should abide by it. For example, parents have set the foods that their children should or should not eat. Nannies should not ignore that because sometimes it is for health reasons.

5. Claim the Kids as Her Own – I have watched a Filipino movie where the babysitter got so attached to the child that girl already calls the nanny as “Nanay” or “Mother”. But in a public setting, the nanny should never claim that it is her child when asked by others.

6. Complain About Her Employers – There is already enough confusion about the roles of parents and babysitters, especially in homes where the parents are mostly away. Talking against their bosses to other people in front of the children will contribute to that already complicated situation. Sometimes, the kids are torn about their loyalty.

7. Take on Parental Roles When Parents are Present – The nanny should never show people that they are being obeyed by the kids more than the parents when they are seen in public together. Sometimes, babysitters have a tendency to “upstage” the parents.

8. Leave Kids Unattended – Nannies should always remember that the kids are their foremost responsibility. I have seen “yayas” who talk on their mobile phones or talk incessantly while the child is playing. Anything can happen for one minute that the child is unattended. And they should never leave kids in public places to go to the bathroom or to buy something. That is a no-no. The child could wander off, or worse, kidnapped.

9. Leave Kids with Strangers – In the same way, nannies should never leave the kids in their care to strangers like in the park or in school. Who knows what kinds of people these are.

10. Expose Children to Situations Not Suitable for Kids – The nanny should never bring a child to a place where their alcohol, drugs, s3x, violence, foul language, and scary pictures. This includes movie theaters.

4 thoughts on “Things a Nanny or Babysitter Cannot Do in Public

  1. Pinx

    one thing i don’t like having a sitter is that they kiss my baby! hehehe… i honestly get jealous when my kids, especially my baby gets to spend more time with the nanny. so even if i am so busy, i still make sure that i can take care of my kids. hehehe… visiting!

  2. Tina

    love this. I think every nanny should carry this guide around with them in their handbags!! 🙂

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