The Water Garden

The Water Garden

Today, we went to The Water Garden in Taculing, Bacolod City. This place used to be part of the Forest Park, but now, the entire expansive land was divided into three–Forest Park, The Water Garden, and Glenwood Subdivision.

We went there because the adults cell group of our church had an outing there. And of course, my parents are part of the adult cell group and so we joined them. We just paid for our entrance fees but had free food. weeee

The place is huge and had lots of activities for fun. The only thing was that we went there at lunchtime already because Papa still had to work in the morning. How I wish we had the whole day there. Nevertheless, we still had so much fun! Here are some of our many Water Garden photos.

Below is our party. I am not in the picture because I took it. weeee

our party at the Water GardenWell it was required to take a shower before plunging into the many pools of the Water Garden. I just thought that their shower is unique so I took a picture of my husband and Dindin while getting wet. Right, Dindin is testing the temperature of the water before going right in. hehe Sigurista!
taking a showerWe had fun going around this River Ride at the Water Garden that has a gentle current. The water levels around the area is only between 3 feet to 4 feet so it is safe. And kids are not allowed to get in there without adult supervision. Water Garden also provides big and durable life savers for free, but since there were too many people that day, we were allowed to use our own. I think they need to add more!
water falls at the river ride of Water GardenDindin slept in the afternoon. She was really excited to swim that she did not have her dede before going in the pool. She also did not eat much either. So after a while, she asked to be carried, looked back at the pool and said, “Bye swimming.” Then I gave her dede and she went to sleep. When she woke up, she wanted to go swimming again. But since Papa and Mama are already dressed, we just opted to go around the park and Dindin was cool with it. Below, left, that is a leg of the river ride. The path goes under the bridge. Right, that is the intermediate pool behind Dindin.
taking a strollWe had a fun time riding on the pendulum (Din’s first time) at the park. Nevermind how fat Mama looks in the pic. hehe She also spent a lot of time watching the monkeys.
park ridesAnd finally, our family pictures at the wishing well and on one of the bridges. Smile! hihihi We forgot to bring our tripod that’s why we did not have a lot of family pics together. It was left in the car and the parking was quite far because of the traffic of people.
family picturesThis is part of our Family Time last weekend. πŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “The Water Garden

  1. Gene

    Looks like we both spent our weekend swimming! Though the resort you went to is so much better than where we went. And I saw your daughter smiling in one of the photos. She must have loved swimming.

    Join us in our Family Time: Circle Island Resort

  2. mommy jes

    ang saya naman nyan!! ang dami nyo! πŸ˜€ aw! sarap tlga mag outing sa pinas! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for joining! see you again next time!

    excited n ko malaman sinu manalo sa contest mo πŸ˜€

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