The Tiny World of Polly Pocket

Tiny World
Dindin with her Tiny World sets by Polly Pocket

When Dindin was barely two years old, we discovered some great finds at our store’s warehouse–Polly Pocket Tiny World toys–the original ones made by Bluebird.

The dolls came in different settings like cottage, pizza house, and cafe and they are dressed based on the theme. But there was one thing–the dolls are just about an inch tall and soooo tiny. We tried opening one pack and Dindin liked it. She played with the tiny dolls and not one did she put them in her mouth (remember she was just a toddler at that time).

After playing we diligently counted the dolls to make sure they were complete. Months would pass and we would open another set. Right now, Dindin has five sets of Polly Pocket Tiny World, which consists of five houses and 14 dolls. So we have to check their attendance each night before tucking them in. But that is how we take care of her toys.

So meet Dindin’s Polly Pocket sets:

Polly’s Country House

Polly's Country House
Polly’s Country House. Dindin’s first set comes with four dolls in a party mood. Attic opens up to reveal a bedroom.

Polly’s Pizza Place

Polly's Pizza Place
Polly’s Pizza Place. Dindin’s second Polly Pocket set is this pizza house with four dolls who are either eating or serving.

Polly’s Pet Shop

Polly's Pet Shop
Polly’s Pet Shop. This third set only comes with 2 dolls who are manning a pet shop.

Polly’s Cosy Cottage

Polly's Cosy Cottage
Polly’s Cosy Cottage. Dindin’s fourth set has two dolls that are in pajamas–ready to sleep in their cozy little cot.

Polly’s Beach Cafe

Polly's Beach Cafe
Polly’s Beach Cafe. The latest set has two dolls. It is a beach cafe complete with two lounging chairs in front.

Below you will find how we keep these Tiny World sets together. We looked for a rectangular container that is quite big but not too deep. We turned it upside down and used the cover as the “ground”. Then we positioned the sets. We used the container as the cover so that we can put it on at night to protect it from dust and so that we can easily lift it when she wants to play with them. This one was taken three sets ago and so our community is getting crowded by now. If I can’t complete the sets, I would love to have the Polly’s Village School and the Polly’s Village Church for our collection!

How to Store Polly Pocket sets
How we Store Polly Pocket sets

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