The Term Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

The Term Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

Last week, we attended the birthday party of Dindin’s uncle and one of the guests sold us health cards. As in they were like literally call cards with some coverage in it. It would only cost P150 per card and the coverage is for a year.

There were a lot of benefits and since it was cheap, my husband was convinced to buy it. You can always renew it after a year. There are hospitalization, disability, and even travel benefits to this one.

It is just great to have insurance policies like the term life without medical exam. It gives you some coverage without having to comply with tedious health requirements. While you cannot really have a comprehensive coverage if you have not undertaken a medical exam, but at least, you have some coverage in the event of a health problems. And those with pre-existing health conditions still have the chance of buying a policy because they are not discriminated against. It is a very good product.

In difficult times like these, it is good to have health insurance or at least some medical coverage because hospital costs and medicines are so steep that some financial aid would be most welcome.

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