The Rhythm of Things

The Rhythm of Things

Dindin likes puzzles and percussion instruments, but most especially, she likes drums!

The other day, she was playing with her wooden shapes and then she started taking out all the cylinders and lining them up like they were culverts on the roadside.

Then I would make towers and buildings and then Dindin would have a field day toppling them all! haha

Finally, it was time for us to pack away. These wooden blocks come in a canister. So after we put them inside and covered the container, Dindin started hitting the cover like she was beating on a bongo drum! I wonder what it would be like if we gave Dindin some steel drums? I think it will be total chaos in our room! LOL

She likes to sing and dance and loves rhythmic beats. She really likes drums more than any other musical instrument.

2 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Things

  1. pepay

    you’ve got a little drummer girl nang…hehe… may sub na ang drummer sg worship team nyo… haha…

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