The Price Tag Act

The Price Tag Act

The Price Tag Act.

“The provision on Price Tag, under R.A. 7394, requires that all consumer products sold in retail to the public shall bear an appropriate price tag, label, or marking indicating the price of the article. Such consumer products shall not be sold at a price higher than that stated in the price tag.”

After that incident that we had with Toys R Us at their Bacolod branch, I was told by my brother in law that we could have insisted about the price because it is a DTI regulation or something. On my part, I thought that I would feel bad if an employee paid for that mistake because I mean you know, it is hard to earn money, right? Okay, I know I am a softy, but I would also like to exercise kindness and consideration.

But my friend Glady who used to work with DTI furnished me with the Price Tag Act. So it is indeed a law, something that I could use for my defense in the future. I am ignorant about this because honestly, I don’t believe in consumer protection here in the Philippines. I mean it is just so hard to exchange products and you cannot return the items.

Read the first story here: Bad Experience at Toys R Us Bacolod

What irked me about that incident was not about the price but rather the condescending attitude of the manager or store in charge, especially about the gift wrapping. The price tag was just something that I mentioned but it was brought to my attention. Yep, I admit my ignorance about the Price Tag Act.

So anyway, I blogged about the incident here and tried to find all channels in order to reach Toys R Us (like Facebook, Twitter, and finally, their contact form on their website). I am not good with a verbal confrontation so I would rather write it down.

After contacting the company through the website, I got a swift reply, quoted as follows:

Greetings from Toys “R” Us Philippines!

We received your email this afternoon via the customer feedback section of our website and are pleased to inform you that we have taken immediate steps to address your complaint against our Bacolod store. As an initial step, the proper reprimand has been carried out against Store Supervisor, Ms. _______.

With this, we would like to extend our sincerest apology to you and your family for the unnecessary inconvenience and unhappy experience you had to go through during your visit at Toys “R” Us. Please know that we believe in building good relationships with our customers as we value your patronage very much.

Likewise, please rest assured that we are dedicated to delivering the best professional service to our clients at all times as we at Toys “R” Us are committed to making each and every guest happy.

We appreciate your bringing this incident to our attention. We hope that you will accept a personal apology from Ms. _________ who will be giving you a call soon.

Our warmest regards.
Operations Manager

To Toys R Us, thank you for not disregarding my complaint. One more thing though, whoever is maintaining your social sites should be authorized to send something like a canned response about going to the website for concerns or something because I never got a reply from them.

As of this writing, I have yet to hear from the supervisor because it is already very late, but I am already happy that the company has admitted to the lapse and they have apologized. That’s what matters. I am a very tolerant and considerate shopper because I value the staff as people. But not when they give me a bad attitude. And I am pretty thankful with the incident, too, because of that, I learned about the Price Tag Act.

14 thoughts on “The Price Tag Act

  1. Sammy

    This is a first I’ve heard regarding the Price Tag Act. And thank you for sharing this because it is indeed helpful. It’s about time us consumers stand up for our rights. After all, we are the ones paying.

    As for Toys R Us, it’s good for them to apologize for the fault of one of their branch managers. I do hope this doesn’t happen to anyone ever again.

    1. mama Post author

      yeah, me too sis. teehee see, you don’t know it too. haha i guess we should know more about our rights as consumers.

  2. jared's mum

    this law sure will protect the buying public from store officials like the one you encountered, sis, I do not think I heard this one before, either. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. tess

    The manager should not be in that position .Good thing they did some action against the manager.

  4. Tina

    Happy that at least, this painful exercise has reached the upper management, and hopefully the manager will apologize na.

  5. Ane

    One of the perks of having a husband who works in a mall is I learn about my rights as a consumer.. 😀

    I’m glad that Toys R Us did not ignore your complaint and very happy to hear that the person in charge was asked to apologize, however, I would have liked it better if they sent the toy as a peace offering.. 😀 hehe

    1. mama Post author

      hhahaa yan din sabi hi sis eihdra and sis willa! 😀 would be glad to get one, though not really expecting any. and of course, will blog about it, too. 😀

  6. raleigh seo services

    this law sure will protect the buying public from store officials like the one you encountered, sis, I do not think I heard this one before, either.

  7. Shengkay

    good to hear na finally nabasa din ng higher management ang issue mo mommy..
    tumawag na ba si manager sayo?..

  8. c5 @

    In every situation, there is something to learn… 🙂

  9. raleigh seo services

    Happy that at least, this painful exercise has reached the upper management,

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