The Neurosis of Motherhood

The Neurosis of Motherhood

I am not really sure that what I am doing is right for Dindin. I just try to give her as much mental and physical stimulation as I can. And this happens in between my work, my chores, my errands, and so many other things. When she calls for me, I try to be there.

Anyway, I try to be hands on as much as I can. I let her ride on my tummy, my back, I carry her, I let her fly, I ler her swirl, and whatever. I sing with her, laugh with her, tickle Papa with her, and now I even dress up with her to make things more interesting. I also watch videos with her. It is no wonder then that I can memorize most of the songs and dances in her videos.

hawaiian costume

Above is our picture during our Hawaiian Day.

Anyway, I call this neurosis because people would not understand all the things that you put up with in order to entertain or educate your baby. If you don’t have a baby with you, they would probably think that you are losing your mind. Like today, we went to BREDCO port to get a whiff of what my husband calls “semi-fresh” air, for he says there’s no fresh air here in the city. We saw a wave and so to remind Dindin I sang a Surfing Song from the show Hi 5 and also did a surfing stance. Thankfully, there weren’t many people around. My goodness, these actions are instinctive. Dennis says it’s okay as long as you have a child with you. Then such actions become acceptable. But it is not always this way.

You see, one time we were at National Bookstore. I was waiting for the clerk to take my bag at the counter when I saw a book with a picture of a ladybug behind her. Instinctively, I sang “I’m a bug. I’m a bug. I’m a bug.” from Signing Time. Before I caught myself doing it, the clerk already noticed me and smiled. She stopped talking to the other girl and just got my bag. I think she might have thought that I was telling her to get my “bag” instead of hearing the word “bug.” Hay naku…And Dindin was not with me at that time. Geezz, I think I am being conditioned more by the videos than Dindin.

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  1. pepay

    hahahhaa! okay lang na nang… that’s what little ones could do…. 😀

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