The Magic of Cerelac

The Magic of Cerelac

As many of you know, I mix Cerelac with Dindin’s formula milk and she seems to be responding well to this mixture.

When I make a bottle, I put about 40% to 50% Cerelac with the milk. It is very easy to prepare–no need for warm water or shaking vigorously. With just a few shakes, it is mixed thoroughly and read for Dindin’s guzzling.

This is probably the reason why Dindin has gained weight recently. And I am thankful. I don’t want her to become fat. But I don’t want her to become so skinny either that her bones are showing at the edges.

I am glad that a church friend of ours mentioned this. And well, Cerelac is like a milk extender because it is so much cheaper than milk. hehe

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