The Long Wait

The Long Wait

It had been more than a year since we got married. From the time we were legally a couple, we wanted to have a child and had tried ever since to conceive. But it seems that having a baby was a far-fetched dream.

I underwent medical interventions, drugs, alternative medicines, therapies. Of course, there was much prayer.

Until finally, I decided that I will just enjoy my marriage and free myself of the pressure of having a child. Then one day, I discovered I am pregnant. What wonderful news, which I readily shared to family and good friends.

My husband was in Cebu at that time so I just sent him a text message. It was too early in the morning and it was not till late that he responded, trying to make sense of what I texted him.

But this is it. I am already pregnant. And the ultrasound confirmed it, though the fetal pole could not be seen yet. I am already 9 weeks pregnant!!! 😀

3 thoughts on “The Long Wait

  1. Shengkay

    ay answered prayer pala si Dindin..kaya naman pala mommy..
    your enjoying motherhood for 3years! tagal na ni?..
    galing naman ng blog na to..dito pala lahat naka-record family life and event ng buhay mo..

    1. mama Post author

      hahaha yeah sorta. at least when dindin was born. i started this in my blogspot but mommy rubz encouraged me to have my own domain :d

  2. Pepper Tan

    I think I can identify with you. I also had to undergo fertility treatment, and just decided to give it a rest for a while. During that “rest” period, that’s when I conceived. When God wills it, I guess that’s when things happen. I can imagine how precious Dindin is to you 🙂

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