The Lady Gaga Hairstyle That Got a Little Girl in Trouble

The Lady Gaga Hairstyle That Got a Little Girl in Trouble

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

Lady Gaga Hairstyle worn by 4-year-old Marcella Marino.

Honestly, I feel bad for this little girl. You see, Marcella Marino, 4, was supposed her school photo taken. She asked her father, Marcello Marino, who is a professional hairstylist, to make her look like a princess. With his skills, the dad transformed his little girl’s long blonde locks into a giant hair bow. And it was fabulous!

The problem was, the British primary school that she goes to is pretty strict about their dress code and hairstyles. For example, girls can wear bows but these should be in dark colors like maroon, navy blue, or black. They are not allowed to wear hair braids or beads either.

While I find the hairstyle elegant and her clothes decent (and oh-so-cute!), I guess they just have to respect the school’s policies. It is a policy alright. It is just too bad that the school does not allow artistic expressions like these, but well, that is their policy, right? And well, if one does not approve of it, then maybe, it is time to look for another school.

Actually, I am making this reaction because the headline in Yahoo says, “Should This Little Girl’s Big Bow Be Banned?” That should not be the question. That was a school policy and I guess that even if the administrator likes the hairstyle, they can’t make exceptions.

On the lighter side, if I know only how to make this, I would surely do this on my daughter, Dindin. teehee

2 thoughts on “The Lady Gaga Hairstyle That Got a Little Girl in Trouble

  1. Pepay

    Ahay..ka cute lg gid… Pero for sure the school has good reasons.. They need to set limitation or else mapagusto na lg guru.. Hehe… Buy ka na lg big bow para kay dindin nang..hehe..

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