The Informal ID Picture

The Informal ID Picture

The Informal ID Picture

Our second daughter Shane is going to have trial school this summer at a neighboring preschool. This is nursery level and we are going to check her aptitude in academics.

Shane is very smart but she is so different than her sister. So at this point, she is already 3 years and 8 months but she still only reads words. In our current educational standards, that is not good enough. But I don’t want to pressure her either. She is a different kind of learner so I don’t want her to be cooped in the traditional way of schooling. Anyway, we will eventually homeschool her like Dindin so it doesn’t matter whether she is fast or slow in her academic performance.

For now, she is going to have fun in summer school.

DIY ID picture

Siobe in her pink house dress for our DIY ID pictorial.

I was told that the only requirements that we will have to submit when we visit the school next week are four pieces of 2×2 pictures. Since I find ways and means to save on our expenses, I take my kids’ ID photos a home, fit them in 4R print sizes, and have them printed at the photo studio. For a fraction of the cost of studio photos, I can get more copies and more flexibility, too. Plus, I don’t have to go to the mall to have this done. I just send my layouts to the printer and then we just pick them up when they are ready.

So the series above of photos were taken at home, with Dindin holding a flashlight to brighten Shane’s face. We didn’t even let her wear special clothing–just the PINK house dress that she had on, which I think highlighted her rosy cheeks. The light should have been in front, but well. haha The session turned out to be a fun photo shoot for Siobe, as she made cute expressions and poses in front of the camera. So at least, the three of us had fun while saving on what was supposed to be another expense.

Now, isn’t she adorable? <3

3 thoughts on “The Informal ID Picture

  1. Pink Fridays

    Whatever means we can save, we have to do it. As moms, budget really matters. Hahaha…

    Siobe looks cute in her pink blouse!

    Bella is already 7 years old. She can read but not as much as I am expecting a first grader can do. I am glad that we are homeschooling because I don’t want my daughter to be labeled in any way. So far, we are enjoying our own pace. Learning at our own pace.

  2. Raya

    She is sooo cute! I love those pink cheeks, too! 🙂
    You are one hardworking mom, Mommy Sigrid! I admire you homeschooling the kids. Ako di ko na yata kaya, eh! Haha! Visiting late for Pink Fridays last week!

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