The Influence of Music

The Influence of Music

When I was pregnant with Dindin, I would often listen to classical music, particularly those of Bach, Beethoven, and Vivaldi, but I noticed that she kinda of responded nicely to Vivaldi. She would often get roused there are crescendos in Beethoven’s symphony.

When she was born, we continued to play the classical music as well as acoustic lullabies when she slept. We also exposed her to songs of blessing and worship.

When she reached about 7 months old, we started exposing her to children’s videos like Hi-5 and then eventually, Signing Time.

So at a very young age, Dindin was exposed to music. She can sing with the right tones and seems to exhibit an interest in playing musical instruments. We sure hope that we can afford to send her to a good music teacher so that she can learn to play the instrument of her choice.

When she was around a year old, she was interested in the drums. Eventually, it was the keyboard, and now the guitars. We would not be surprised if she will want to take guitar lessons and eventually handle any of those taylor electric guitars.

For now, we just expose her to different things so that she will have choices later on regarding where her preferences like. She also likes to pretend playing music and singing whenever she can.

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  1. Melissa

    It is funny that I came across your blog like this because I was meaning to write an article on my blog concerning the influence of music of a baby growing up… It is very interesting what you wrote. I am sure that if music is truly her passion, she will be able to follow it to the end! 😉
    All the best of luck to your little Dindin! 🙂


    I’m planning on making my nephew study guitar lessons this summer. I told him already and he’s very excited.

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