The Humidity of Summer

The Humidity of Summer

Summer is definitely here. Today had just been really hot that Dindin and I had been in our air conditioned room most of the day. It is just good that although the weather is getting hot because the sun is already high up in the sky, it is not humid.

I hate humid, I get all sticky all over and I then smell bad. But what is worse is, my nose and face gets all itchy. My nose is not itchy like I am having an allergic rhinitis attack, but it is itchy on the outside, meaning the skin all over it is reacting to the humidity. I really wish during these times that we have a dehumidifier inside the room, much like those homes in the United States. When I was in the US, we would often stay indoors where the temperature is controlled because they have air conditioning for the hot days, heater for the cold days, and a dehumidifier to balance everything. That is why it is no wonder why their energy bills are so steep.

But because dehumidifiers are not common here in the Philippines, they are quite expensive. And well, it is another appliance that will be plugged in the socket so that means more electricity consumption. Thankfully, Dindin doesn’t seem to need it. But she really demands air conditioning. Tsk. tsk…

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