The Guitar Collection

The Guitar Collection

Dindin’s guitar collection — acoustic guitar, rock guitar, and electric guitar.

I know these are just toy guitars but now, Dindin has a collection. Yeah, she has three guitars, which she calls her “acoustic guitar, rock guitar, and electric guitar”, thanks to the classification of an iPad app. hehe

She tries to play with them all, depending on the kind of music that she is imagining to play. Eventually, we will have to get her a real guitar and introduce her to guitar lessons for kids. She has the potential for it. 😀

Now, did it reach to 3? Well, we lost the first two and after six months of searching around the house, we gave up and bought her another one. Barely 2 weeks after we made the purchase, the two old ones surfaced. Sigh…well things just happen. hehe

2 thoughts on “The Guitar Collection

  1. Aida Villanueva

    So cute. I have a guitar collection too, but they’re all real. 🙂

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