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The Daily Grind

Dindin has always been quite fussy in the bathroom. To put it bluntly, she does not especially like bathing. Anyway, several days ago, she was already crying and fussing while we were taking a bath. But when I wrapped her in the towel, we recited our usual routine. I said, “Dindin is…” to which she replied “all done!” I carried her out and she said, “Baby!” I would answer back, “Baby, baby.” And then she would retort, “Indi na. (Not anymore)” hehe

But that morning, when we reached the door, she suddenly cried out, “Yayyyaaaayyyy!!” in an really alarming voice. I asked her frantically, “What’s yayay? Where’s yayay?” To which she replied in the same voice and tone and still crying, “Ambboooott! (I don’t know!) Oh well…There goes my wits that morning.


One time, while we were in the car, I was telling Dennis in Ilonggo, “Kabudlay sang tawo nga gapabulag-bulag, indi gid na ya kakita. Kag ang tawo nga ga pa bungol2 pero indi bungol, indi gid na ya kabati.”

To which Dindin immediately replied, “Amen!”

(Translation: The person who pretends that he is blind will never see while the person who pretends that he is deaf will never hear.)


While we were in the dining room, I suddenly said, “Something bit me.”

Dindin replied, “Yeah.”

haha What is she thinking during these times?


Well, here is another video. Dindin had long been able to identify shapes. I can no longer remember when. I think that was before she turned one. But we like listening to how she says the shapes now, that is why we took this video. 😀

Hope you enjoy her video! 😀

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