The Craze About Hello Kitty Around the World Badges

The Craze About Hello Kitty Around the World Badges

Today, the world was shattered by the news that Hello Kitty is not a cat but actually a little girl, as was revealed by the Japanese company, Sanrio, makers of Hello Kitty.

While this may not be life-threatening news, many people who grew up with the lovable character have been affected. And there of course there is the debate about how it could be because Hello Kitty has whiskers. But Sanrio says that Hello Kitty is an English girl named Kitty White who actually loves apple pies. And besides, they say that they have always depicted her as standing up and not on all fours. In the show, Hello Kitty has a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.

Well, people can debate about it but we do not really care. What we care about are the Hello Kitty Around the World Badges. Last December, I first got hold of three of them that were given for free when I bought toys at Toy Kingdom. But last month, I got more because one was offered per P100 of toy purchase.

There are 48 designs in all. Each badge is sealed and comes with a flier so that you will know the different designs available. And a few friends of mine (including myself) are racing to complete them. But we are devastated to learn that as of today, the Hello Kitty badges are now out of stock here at the Bacolod branch. buhuhu

Two of my friends are avid Hello Kitty collectors. My other friend and I are not. But suddenly, we all woke up and realized that we are collectors. haha And we are asking friends on Facebook to help us. Right now, I have 32. But I have four coming this weekend. So that makes 36. I need 12 mores to complete my set.

You can see my collection above. So if you happen to have Hello Kitty badges that you don’t want, please please send them to me. haha I really would like to complete my collection. Thank you very much in advance! Mwah!

Mind you, these are not for our kids but for us. haha My husband has been shaking his head that now that we are Mamas, we just got crazy about Hello Kitty badges. Oh well! hahaha

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  1. mayan

    I still lack 3 designs. I have extra badges for sale or swap feel free to contact me via email. Thanks!

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