The Concept of Pack Away

The Concept of Pack Away

When Dindin just turned a year old, we attended summer play school or play class at Creative Beginners. It was there that the concept of “Pack Away”–that is returning things or keeping toys–came to my consciousness.

Then I thought about it. The trial class was but for a day so I thought that I will really have to teach Dindin to do it. When we got home, I started her on packing away her shoes. She has a shoe drawer that she can open and close comfortably. Well, she did understand me, she picked up her shoes and placed them inside the drawer. But as soon as the shoes touched the bottom of the drawer, she picked them up again. So okay, so much for pack away.

Through the weeks, however, we would ask her to do things, like to pick up this and to pick up that and she would obey us. Two weeks ago, one remarkable thing happened. In one of our drawers was an open plastic bag of Pei Pakoa candy. Dindin took it out and scattered the contents on the floor. There was still about 20 candies left in it. I just sighed and let her be. That only means more things for me to do later. What I did not know was that Dennis actually told her to pick up the candies. The next thing I knew, she gave me the plastic of candies all filled up–yup! She picked up every single one of them! I was really amazed at this.

Yesterday, I told her to pack away her toy musical instruments on the floor. I started with one and then she finished picking up everything and placing them on a try. Up until now, 24 hours have passed, and she has not even scattered the toys again. They are just neatly piled on the floor. Then last night, I gave her a deck of flash cards. She didn’t quite like them and she was getting annoyed at the pictures. So instead of identifying the objects, I gave her the box and told her to pack away if she didn’t like them. She did, one by one. Sometimes though, she would have difficulty and I will just help her. But she put in everything inside the box. And the funny thing is, she had to arrange the flashcards with the letters on the right side up. As in she would really turn the cards around.

But after finishing everything, she found pack away more interesting than playing with the cards so she took out all the contents again and starting packing them away. This was when I got this video. After we packed the deck the second time, she wanted to pour it out again. But by this time, I was already tired and so I just distracted her. lol

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