The Birth of Shawna Din Lo

The Birth of Shawna Din Lo

Since March 2, 2009, I had been experiencing strong contractions already, which continued for the entire week.

On Tuesday, March 10, we went to Robinsons for an early afternoon walk and to speed things up. But I suspected that my bag of water was already leaking and so we passed by the hospital for an assessment.

It was recommended by my OB-gyne that I be admitted that night. I wasn’t allowed to go out of the hospital anymore, which was a wise decision.

The next day, labor was induced because of the leaking bag. But since the contractions were so intense that I passed out every 2 minutes, I was given epidural anesthesia in the afternoon when I reached 6cm. My bag of water completely broke around 10 am. I really didn’t know much about what went on, except the excruciating pain because the baby really wanted to come out the natural way.

But when evening came, around 9pm, an irregularity in the baby’s heartbeat was already detected that my OB-Gyne recommended emergency C-Section.

Anyway, after all the pain, Shawna Din D. Lo was taken out of my tummy at 9:41pm, March 11, 2009. It took awhile before I finally got to her and before I finally got to my feet because of the pain that I went through.

But all is worth it. We have our little bundle and she is such a joy and a blessing. And she is sooo blessed.

Thank you to my parents who stuck with me and are taking care of me now and my extended family who had all been very supportive and prayerful. Thanks to the moral and prayer support of friends. Thank you to my doctors, especially my OB-Gyne, Dr. Kate Jison, whose quick calls were crucial in the safe delivery of the baby, the nurses, and hospital staff who had been so friendly.

Thank you to everyone who have showered our Din-din with gifts, most of which we never got for her or thought of getting for her. You have all been blessings to our new family.

A very special thanks goes to my beloved other half, Dennis, who had to take care of me, the paper works, and most of the errands while I was lying incapacitated and who so anxiously awaited the arrival of our firstborn. His love and devotion to both the baby and me are a source of strength.

And most of all, all praises and honor and glory be to Jesus, my Savior and Lord, my Strength, Shield, Protector, Comforter and Healer. Everytime I look at my daughter’s face, I cannot help but utter praises unto Him.

By the way, “Shawna” means “The Lord is Gracious” while “Din” is Chinese for “Kindness.” It is also part of Dennis’ Chinese name.

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