Temper Tantrums

Temper Tantrums

Don’t get me wrong, Dindin is very nice, well behaved girl who has seemed to learn her manners without us teaching her.

But sometimes, she can have temper tantrums. Actually, Dindin is very specific with things and knows what she wants. The problem is, many times, people do not understand and would call her “manul” or the nearest term I can think of in English is “like somebody who has not been exposed to people.”

That is not the case however, but it is her way of expressing that she doesn’t want to be treated that way. She would let out a cry of frustration or rebellion and then would cry. Then people would call her suplada. I feel bad about that because I feel that people do not have a right to judge my daughter when after all, they were the ones who agitated her. She is a free-spirited, independent person who has rights as much as adults have. Dindin must be thinking that her preferences should be respected but of course, we knows that is not the case.

In our society, or maybe pretty much everywhere else, people think that babies are like dolls with no emotions and understanding. But contrary to popular belief, infants and toddlers have the greatest propensity to absorb and observe the things that their senses can perceive. And since Dindin matured earlier than most kids, she understands pretty much what is going on around her, although of course, based on her depth of perception. That is why I hate it when people label her things when in fact, they know nothing of what they are talking about. Sigh….And I cannot protect her.

Sometimes though because of her assertiveness, I sometimes lose my patience on Dindin especially if she would cry because of the sound. Then she gets scolded. But sometimes I think, it is unfair to her because instead of telling the person who agitated to stop doing it, it is Dindin who gets the scolding. This is unfair, right? But sometimes, when it is relatives, how can you tell them off? This is such a struggle.

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