Teething Powder from Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shane’s mouth after I put teething powder.

When my eldest Dindin was still a baby, I started her on the black teething powder that my mother-in-law gave me. They said that it softens the baby’s gums and makes teething time easier for them. I am an obedient daughter-in-law and used it on Dindin. But since I am forgetful, I do not do it every day, rather whenever I would remember it.

Now, Dindin’s teeth came out rather late. Most of the babies I know had their teeth come out as early as six months. It was not until 11 months that I noticed Dindin’s top and bottom front teeth have already come out. I didn’t even know because I already stopped putting the teething powder by this time and have massaged her gums using a plastic brush so I have not felt it anymore. I did not know she was teething because she never fussed, didn’t have fever, and didn’t suck on anything. It was like a normal occurrence and to think that her teeth came out late and her gums are already tougher. Her teeth came out one after the other and before we realized it, her molars were already out and we did not even notice it because she did not have teething symptoms.

It may be because Dindin is not that sensitive but I may also attribute it to the teething powder. My husband’s cousin have three children and she said that she started applying the teething powder at 1 month and all of them did not have problems with teething.

Chinese teething powder.

So now, at three months old, I have also started the teething powder for Shane. It doesn’t have an English name but if you go to a Chinese drugstore, just ask for the teething powder. They will know what to give you. I have put the picture here so that you will know.

Shane is even smiling as I apply it. Don’t be scared just because it is black. hehe

How to apply the Chinese teething powder
1. Clean your hands properly and dry it out.
2. Put a little powder on the palm of one hand.
3. Moisten the index finger of your other hand a bit, just enough for the powder to stick to it.
4. Massage your baby’s gums with the powder. Keep getting some powder from your other hand until everything is used up.
5. Wipe the outside of your baby’s mouth. You may opt to give water afterwards. In my case, I just let it stay there because her saliva will just wash the powder.
6. Do this once per day.

If the powder will stain the clothes or bib, just wash it. The stain is not permanent. I use facial tissue to wipe so that I can just throw it away afterwards.

Don’t be scared to use it just because it is black. It must taste good (Mama said it’s a wee bit salty) because Shane is smiling whenever I do that to her. And then she chews on it afterwards. It smells like aromatic herbs.

One tube costs P65 here in Bacolod. But it could be cheaper in Manila, like in Binondo.

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