Techie Dindin

Dindin is growing up in the digital age so it is not surprising that she likes gadgets. She is constantly surrounded by two cellphones and two laptops in the room plus her aunt’s iPod Touch and she likes tinkering with them. After all, that is what the adults in the house do so she also wants to follow.

Anyway, I am due for another phone with Smart and I hope to be able to get a new free phone with apps that Dindin can make use of. Thank goodness for freebies with Smart because at least, I don’t have to buy my phones. I am just contented with what they give me and then I just wait for the next renewal to get a new phone. Works well with me. Been a smart subscriber for more than 5 years already. Or is it 6 or 7? haha I don’t remember anymore.

We are seriously thinking between the Samsung Galaxy Ace or the Nokia C7. But as for reviews, I read somewhere that with the Samsung unit, there are educational apps. Just not sure about the pdf page counter though. I am not a very techie person so I would not know how to compare specs but I just would like Dindin to be able to use something like that because that will really help us if ever we are in public places. That would get her to stay put.


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