Teaching the Filipino Language and Culture

Teaching the Filipino Language and Culture

The culture of bayanihan. Image from the internet.

I have been trying to teach Dindin to speak in Tagalog because so far, she has been resisting our efforts to impart the national language to her. Even if I tell her that the only two shows that she watches on ABS-CBN, Be Careful with my Heart and Juan de la Cruz, are both in Tagalog and so therefore she needs to learn the language in order to understand the shows, she kinda tunes us out whenever we bring up the subject.

And you know what happened tonight? She cried because she doesn’t want to speak Tagalog because she said that she is not Tagalog. She says she’s English, which is the reason why she doesn’t want to study Filipino. I wonder how exactly does she understand that. haha

But now I am thinking, Dindin likes music and it is really a great motivation for her to learn the language. Maybe I should teach her about folk songs and folk dances and show her the colorful and plush traditional Filipino costumes for starters?

We can also look out for some traditional musical instruments like a slide whistle or those stuff made from bamboo at the Central Market. Maybe just the identification of these things will help her learn and appreciate the culture of the Filipino people and thereby also interest her in learning the language? What do you think? Do you have suggestions? I sure hope my ideas work. Otherwise, the teachers in school will just have to teach her. We will have to rely on their teaching prowess in order to teach her Filipino and also appreciate the language.

It is not natural for us because we are not Tagalog-speaking either. We are Ilonggo and we use that at home. Tagalog is only spoken to suppliers in Manila and whenever we go there. So that is why, the national language is not native to us.

But I do hope that Dindin will learn to appreciate it and the Filipino culture, too. 😀

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