Teaching Dindin to Read

Teaching Dindin to Read

At this point, 3 years and 3 months, Dindin can pretty much read simple words and even sentences. How did we get her to read?

I am not really sure if there is a singular answer to this. You see, we made sure that Dindin was exposed to books at a young age by buying children’s books for her. We would also bring her to the Book Sale and allow her to just browse through the many displays.

Additionally, we let her watch educational videos like Baby Signing Time where she knew letters big and small, Leapfrog where she learned the letter sounds, and now with Word World. When our friend Karen suggested Word World early this month, Dennis researched it.


This is how I post the words on our bathroom door. Their population is increasing so I may have to find another spot to fill.

Needless to say, Dindin got hooked to Word World that her Papa had to look for some more episodes. But I did not just let her watch the videos. I would copy some of the words discussed, write them on small pieces of paper, and then we would tape the words on the wall. We would read each one, sounding out letters, spelling out the words, and using them in sentences that Dindin could understand.

Eventually, as we had many words already, I gradually introduced pronouns and conjunctions. Now, we are into making sentences. More of this in the next article. I just hope this helps other parents who would also want to teach their child to read.

I did not arrive at this the easy way. We had many ups and downs in my desire to teach her at home. But so far, this one worked for us. And in about a week’s time, Dindin is already reading sentences. Not bad for starters.

After a reading session which lasts only about 10 minutes or even less, Dindin gets a reward. No it is not something material but she gets a drawing on each of her hand. She can choose what picture I get to draw. hehe

reward for reading

Dindin gets rewarded for reading new words. She gets a customized, hand-drawn artwork on her hand from mama. hehe

7 thoughts on “Teaching Dindin to Read

  1. pynky

    wow..reading sentences at age 3…Great Job mommy!! gonna try this with jam !!

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      teehee thanks! God’s grace man. palaugtas ko daan hahaha pero this time daw wala ko ugtas.

  2. Pinx

    wow! that’s super nice! i love that… but the way i taught my little boy to read was different from yours, my MIL taught me a very effective and easy way (proven for many years being a teacher for beginning reading..hehehe) and it did work for him. like your dindin, my boy started reading sentences by age 3! way to go sis!

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      hi sis! oo nga, different talaga mga kids. i tried different things din. she even watch the your baby can read video. ayaw. i know that she knows how to read na before she was 2. but she just refused to read allowed. ngayon parang na encourage xa. :Dibang motivation pala ang gusto. 😀

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      oo San, daw effective ni ya kay dindin. sang una, damo man gin try, indi lang gid xa. now, sa ini, gusto nya. so i guess, different kids, different strokes. 😀 thanks for introducing us to word world. :d

  3. ColorMom Maricar

    Got the whole DVD’s of Word World! Will bring them ky 1 month kmi da Vacay daan 🙂 Super Why also teaches reading 🙂 And the 3 letter game of ColorKiddos might help too, haha 🙂 GO BUDIN!!!

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