Teaching About Colors

Teaching About Colors

I have often wondered how to teach the different colors to Dindin. There is no problem about teaching her different things because of her strong association or cognitive skills. However, the things should be taught right because she catches it quite quickly but it is hard to shake off the wrong association that she had made. For example, she thinks that the word “pretty” means something that we put on her head. We would put on her headband or cap and say “wow, pretty, pretty baby” just so she would not take it off. In the end, she would take it off whenever we say “pretty.” And now she thinks that pretty is a noun.

Anyway, I have brought the subject of teaching colors to my sister in law who now has a four year old and who was able to teach in a pre-school before. She advised all we needed to do was to say the color like it was part of the conversation or the word it refers to, like pink slippers, red ball, etc. She also said that maybe we can study one color a day and show her different items of the same color and while we teach her what the item is, we also mention the color.

Well, we started it today and I realized that the most dominant color in our room is RED. And so red it is for our lesson for today. She has two red pillows, a red Elmo stuffed toy, a red ribbon, a red headband with a red flower, a red ring, and a red strawberry toy. There are lots of other red things, but there were the nearest items I could grab and after awhile, I was already seeing red, so I guess those things were enough.

We will review red again tonight. And we will have another color tomorrow.

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    oh wow! thank you mommy. yeah, see you. got a little something man for micah a. 😀

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