Tantrums Since Last Week

Tantrums Since Last Week

Although Dindin is not yet officially a toddler, she had been like a toddler for several months now. One additional “feature” of being a toddler is the tantrums.

When she was younger, Dindin did not really throw fits, although she showed strong reactions to frustrations, like not being able to do something, not getting what she wants, etc. But recently, her reactions are different, stronger.

She is still a very happy child, but sometimes her tantrums can be really grating on my nerves. Like when I am working on my laptop with my back towards her crib, she would try several kinds of cries on different decibel levels, just to probably know what kind of cry would get my attention. One time, she cried so hard, like she was in sharp pain. In a split second, I got to her, then she just looked at me like nothing happened. This is just one of the things that she can do, using her analytical skills.

I normally do not scold her, but there are times that I really raise my voice in frustration. But I know that is not good, as the child will think that raising one’s voice is the norm for frustration. But really, the crying can get to you sometimes, especially when you know that there is no rhyme or reason to it.

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