Tanning for Mama

Tanning for Mama

Honestly, I would like to be tan. I am not white and I am not dark–my skin is kinda yellowish so I have to decide what color I will become.

In the past, I used to sunbathe a lot in order to achieve a crisp brown complexion. But as I grew older, I realized that it is not healthy especially for the skin on my face. Too much sun exposure, despite wearing sunblock, is causing premature wrinkles.

So now, I am thinking of using whitening products or getting at tan. But since there are no tanning salons here in our city, then maybe I should just try the spray on tan. I am yet to find out where I will get one but well, I hope I can find one. I just wonder though how it will work if, let’s say, you go out in the sun and you perspire a lot. But I am willing to try it. teehee

Anyway, for now, well, I just remain cooped up inside our room most of the time.

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