Talking to Elmo

Talking to Elmo

Twice I caught Dindin talking to Elmo. No she doesn’t have an Elmo toy. Rather one of our ninangs during our wedding gave her an Elmo backpack that is colored red all over and has a stuffed Elmo attached to it.

This morning, Dindin asked me to get Elmo for her. I told her not to open the bag as it is filled with her stuff. I put Elmo on the bed with her and she greeted Elmo. This is how her conversation went. Of course, we know that this is one way.

Dindin: Hi, Elmo. Hi Elmo! Hug! Hmmm…. Kiss-kiss. mwah! Hi Elmo! What’s your name? Dindin. How old are you? One.

hahahaha Dindin is pretending that Elmo is asking her questions and she is answering them. hahaha

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