Taking Her Everywhere

Taking Her Everywhere

We always take Dindin anywhere and everywhere. We do not have a babysitter do leave her with. Sometimes we do leave her in the care of one of Mama’s housemaids and just give her allowance, but of course, we cannot entirely rely on her because she has household work to do. But Dindin loves her.

This is her photo with Manang Salvie, her secondary caregiver, taken at the laundry area–their favorite hangout. There they blow bubbles always. Dindin likes blowing bubbles.

Sometimes we take her on our visitation. Or sometimes when I visit a client and Papa would drive us, we would bring her with us. Sometimes I would get a massage and when Papa picks me up, she rides with him. She sits on the front seat and is very behaved, like a big girl.

Last time, we brought her to the product presentation of Manulife for their new health care line. It is like the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC. But she got bored and started running around. We got scared because it was a big ballroom and there were many people. She is small and she could run into a waiter carrying a tray laden with food and it is going to be a disaster.

But we like taking her with us always and I think she also appreciates always being with Mama and Papa.

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