Taking Cultural Trips To Stimulate Learning

Taking Cultural Trips To Stimulate Learning

Last month, when we went to Manila, we did something cultural–we visit the Luneta Park and had our photo taken in front of the Rizal Monument. We also went to the playground of Rizal Park. You may think this is an ordinary trip, but for people like us who hail from the provinces, this is not something that we can do everyday.

Our photos at the Luneta Park. So nice to have a photo here. So full of history!

I even wanted to take the educational tour in Intramuros but we just didn’t think that our daughter would appreciate it because she is still very young to understand. But when she is older, we will certainly take trips to open her eyes about the culture of the Philippines. In a few years, we will definitely do this (praying to God *wink*).

More than shopping, I would really like to take these cultural trips because they are very enriching. They teach us many valuable things and open our eyes to the unique history and culture of our country. And also, this is already part of our preparation to home school Dindin. These trips are surely going to be a part of our curriculum, though a very expensive one.

And I would like these trips to be extended abroad. I don’t want our educational trips to be limited in the locality, after all this is a big wide world. I really pray that we can afford even just once a year international trips to countries that are full of culture, especially in the Europe area and the Middle East.

In Europe, it is my desire to visit Spain because of my roots. My grandfather is pure Spanish. And of course, 300 years of Spanish occupation in the Philippines is worth to trace. We could stay in a Villa in Spain and spend maybe at least 2 weeks in scouring the place. That would be really exciting. And we pray that we can take the whole family with us. Hopefully, we can find study grants for Dindin here and abroad to widen her perspective.

Well, that will be in the future. For now, beaches, museums, and parks in the locality would be our target. And it is not just for sightseeing. These trips are intentional–to stimulate real-life learning and enrichment.

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