Taking Care of the Sick

Taking Care of the Sick

Last weekend, the Sunday school lesson of Dindin had something to do with the sick. Anyway, when her teacher pretended to be sick and asked what the kids would do, Dindin went forward to her teacher. It was sad though that the boy in front of her tripped her and she fell down that she was not able to do what she wanted.

But anyway, I just think that Dindin has the instinct of one who wants to care for the sick. She had always said that she would like to become a doctor (and a ballerina, too) that sometimes I wonder if aspirations are formed this early.

I am just thinking though that we would really need to prepare for her college degree if she wants to go to medical school. There will be tuition, books, a medical computer, and trainings that she will have to undergo. Teehee At least she’s giving us a bird’s eye view already.

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