Taking Care of Mama

Taking Care of Mama

Yesterday was Dindin’s birthday but we celebrated it the other day.

So naturally yesterday, we spent some time photographing her with her gifts, opening her gifts, then taking photos of her again after the gifts were opened. Will post them here after I have downloaded them from my memory stick.

Anyway, since Dindin did not sleep soundly last night, I only had about 3 hours of sleep. So naturally I was sooo sleepy after lunch. But Dindin would not take a nap. When I finally could not contain myself, I got some shut eye.

I turned on the video with Ni Hao Kai Lan. I wanted to turn on Hi5 because each episode lasts about 50 minutes so at least I could have some sleep. But she wanted Kai Lan so every 23 minutes, she would wake me up and ask, “More Kai Lan…” to which I would dutifully comply. Dindin just kept running around the room while watching or just sometimes listening to the TV.

After three episodes of Ni Hao Kai Lan, I woke up to something rubbing on my forehead. Dindin got her tube of Human Nature organic lip gloss and rubbed it on my forehead. She must have thought I am not feeling well and mistook the lip gloss for my liniment. Or she just thinks that as long as you rub them they’re the same.

I am so moved! Dindin often sees me rubbing mentholated stick on my forehead whenever I have a headache and I would tell her I am not feeling well so Mama needs to rest. Yesterday, she seemed to have internalized everything and she willingly took care of me without being asked….I could cry! She just took it upon herself to take care of Mama!

When I opened my eyes, her face was inches away from mine and her eyes wide, maybe trying to check if I am okay or not or if her method work. Awww…

Then when she saw that I was okay, she rubbed the lip gloss on her cheek…

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