Taking a Bath in the Rain

Taking a Bath in the Rain

Bathing in the rain is a fun childhood experience.

Dindin does not ever like taking a bath in the rain. I have asked her many times to go out and play in the rain but she would have nothing of it. She would only go out if she is wearing a rain coat, gum boots, and an umbrella. Now, that would be fully geared up to play in the rain.

So the last time it rained here at my parents’ house, I was so surprised with what she did. I was doing something and did not really give her much attention. She asked me for her towel so that she could wrap herself. I thought she was going out the terrace to watch the rain fall but after a while, I noticed that she was already in the garden, hugging herself so that she will not feel cold, and standing under the rain. hahaha I had to take a picture. This is a FIRST!

I guess there is always a first time for everything. At least, she was the one who decided to do it. And she had fun. Too bad I could no longer join her. 🙁

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