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End of the Month

Whew! The end of the month is coming and I have so much to do! Well, this Mama still seems to be in a stupor after Dindin’s birthday preparations, an event that I am handling, the opening of gifts, the pictorial, and the processing of photos. Now, I have to focus in order to finish


I just came home from interviewing a gamebreeding personality. When I came home after two hours, Dindin is asleep. Oh how I miss her, Ma-maaaa!!!! whenever I would go inside our room and it would be the first time that she would see me after a few moments! Even if it is just 15 minutes,

Working Girl

Last week I had been very busy. As in really busy. Running around, working on my laptop, answering the phone, sending and receiving text messages, etc. etc. All this time, Dindin was just walking around and behind me. Or she would be watching a video on her Papa’s laptop. Or she would be playing on