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Happiness with Dindin

When Dindin woke up this morning, we snuggled and tickled and exchanged good mornings. I also did our ritual of kissing her different body parts–face, neck, back, toes, etc. etc. After all that, she lied down on her back and relaxed. I lied down beside her with my face just inches from her. I smiled


I just came home from interviewing a gamebreeding personality. When I came home after two hours, Dindin is asleep. Oh how I miss her, Ma-maaaa!!!! whenever I would go inside our room and it would be the first time that she would see me after a few moments! Even if it is just 15 minutes,

Closer Together

It has been awhile now since I have last updated my entries. Dindin is now 16 months and 13 days old. She has already done so many things and can already say so many words. But what I am going to write now is not about what she has achieved but how our relationship as