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Cake Making Fun with Play Dough

Dindin got a couple of play dough sets for Christmas and both have Cake Making as the theme. After the busy days, we opened one box and made different versions–mine, her Papa’s and Dindin’s. What came out was interesting. I made a Strawberry birthday cake with custard filling, Papa made a green Christmas cake, while

Our Christmas Eve 2012

December 24 is my father’s birthday and we usually celebrate with them during lunchtime. But since they are in Manila for a vacation, we stayed home and I just spent time with Dindin. When afternoon came, I dressed her up in a new blue outfit and we went to SM–just to go around while waiting

Creative Play Using Hand Lotions

Christmas is fast approaching and we thought of giving some tokens to our co-workers. Technically, they are co-workers because we are also working in the store of my in-laws. So we went to SM Department Store and we bought a total of eight hand lotions. We thought of giving these away to them for Christmas.