Swimming in the Garden

Swimming in the Garden

Yesterday’s swimming plans did not push through because of a wonderful change. So we thought of going today.

But last night, I had a hard time putting Dindin to sleep. I started lulling her around 9pm but she must have been waiting for her Papa to come home from Achiak Dan’s birthday blowout that she never slept until he came home at 10:30PM. I got wired from trying to put her to sleep that instead of resting, I ended up working until 3am so that we both got up around 10:30am this morning.

So instead of going to Sta. Fe Resort, we ended up filling a big wash basin with water so that Dindin can bathed in it while enjoying the garden breeze. It was quite some time since she last did this that now, she looks too big for the basin! haha But look at the abs! weeee

Then her paternal grandparents came home from church and joined us in the gardem so well, this was kinda our family time at home. Is that a mermaid pose?

wash basin swimming

6 thoughts on “Swimming in the Garden

  1. Gene

    I always have difficulty of putting my little girl to sleep, even for a nap. There was a time before she turned 1 that she would wake up around 1030 pm because that’s the time her Daddy got home. It’s like she have a body alarm that she have to welcome her Daddy home, hahaha!

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  2. tejan

    ahehhehe..may cute na nakaporma sa background..hehe! si lolo’t lola ba yan?..hehe!

    mine is up too mommy!godbless!

  3. Shengkay

    ay ako no prob magpatulog kay Iris..lucky me talaga..
    visintg from FT mommy lo..

  4. Margaret Gigi Lo

    Wow! Din2 looks so big na in the photo and she’s so pretty! Daw di 2 years old ba… love it… daw dalaging-gin na 😉

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