Swimming Fun Everyday

Swimming Fun Everyday

On the first day, Dindin was alone in her little pool because her friend was too scared to try.

It has been so hot this summer that I wanted to bring Dindin to go swimming everyday. But it is just not possible because we are also very busy and of course, we are minding the expense of paying the entrance to a resort as well as the food that we will bring on such an outing and then the gas. We would not have so much freedom now that we are expecting a second one.

We already have a very big inflatable pool that is left at my parents’ house because they have more space there. The disadvantage of that pool is that it takes too long to set up and it consumes so much water.

On the second day, Joyjoy joined her and it was more fun.

So thanks to some Toy Kingdom gift certificates from Dindin’s 4th birthday party, we were able to buy her a smaller pool that can fit here at our home and would just be filled easily.

It was timely when we bought this because the daughter of our helper was here so everyday, they played in the small pool for a couple of hours. It proved refreshing for them. How I wish that I can fit there! Right now, it just too difficult for me already. But thankfully, Dindin is enjoying her summer vacation going swimming!

Dindin says, “I’m so sexy!” Gosh!

2 thoughts on “Swimming Fun Everyday

  1. Pepper Tan

    Dindin knows how to strike a pose :). She’s growing up so fast! Kids do need to cool off these days. It’s scorching hot!

  2. Cielo of Brown Pinay

    Ang Kikay naman ng posing posing ni Dindin.

    Hindi talaga kompleto ang summer pag wala ang mini swimming pool na nilalatag sa ating mga garahe….kamusta naman ang water bill hehehhe…pero ok lang basta enjoy ang mga kiddos…

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