Sweaty Head

Sweaty Head

Dindin can sweat soooo much. But only on her head. Yep! She does not perspire on other parts of her body so we don’t need to put a cloth on her back or to change her clothes much. She can also use diapers with plastic and not cloth like covers. So far, she has not had rashes related to sweating. But we do have to wipe her head a lot because she would look like a balut, especially after some playing without a fan or aircon.

Anyway, her head can get so sweaty that after a hot day, we have to give her a shampoo at night. Otherwise, she would scratch her had and keep on complaining, “Itchy.” Thankfully, she does not cry or fuss because of it. So she gets a shampoo twice a day, once in the morning or noontime and one again at night. We change her body wash/shampoo every so often. Before it was Lactacyd, then Johnsons top to toe wash, then Human Nature Baby Wash. We were also able to consume a bottle of the Gerber baby wash that was given to us by my aunt.

We like the organic shampoo by Human Nature simply because it is organic. However, the scent of the shampoo does not stay on for long. After a while, the Watermelon scent makes Dindin’s head smell like fudge brownie while the Banana scent makes her head smell like hotcake. haha She smells like food!

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