Sunday Swimming in the Garden

Sunday Swimming in the Garden

One of the things that Dindin had not done while she was sick was to bathe in the wash basin while in the garden. We call this activity, “Swimming in the labador.” And we would really let her wear a swimsuit while swimming. Since she is bigger now, she needed a new bathing suit, and thankfully, we found a P30-suit at Gaisano City. hihi I dunno how long she will get to wear this though. It doesn’t stretch much. But oh well, at least it’s cheap. hihihi

I remember that during the pictorial, I had a hard time telling her to face the camera and smile. But the photos turned out okay. She usually has her poses and those times that she doesn’t want to face the camera are those times that she wants her photos candid. lol

swimsuit pictorial 2010

Well, here are some of her swimming photos. Today she especially enjoyed her jolly, green water sprinkler. We had this last March yet but we have reserved it. She still has some toys from her birthday but we don’t give everything to her at once. We keep them and save them for another time to play. After all, not everything is appropriate for her age. This sprinkler came with a set of sand toys. It’s really nice and colorful.

swimming in kiddie pool

Look at the picture in the middle above. Her back and sides don’t have stored fat. No folds! waaaa How I wish my back would look like hers! hihi Here below is a really cute smile before her hair got wet.

cute smile

2 thoughts on “Sunday Swimming in the Garden

  1. pepay

    30 pesos swimsuit?!? sagad-sagad gid ya cmu nang ya! updon ta gid ka shopping nang…haha…

    cute2 kay din… sexy2 tuud…i wish wala man ko fats! haha…. cute sg sprinkler mo din… ma play ta na mag go home ko ha… mas nami ang water sprinkler sa grass din… mas saja…haha…

  2. admin Post author

    oo pay. ay actually P32 na xa. coz P40 less 20% hahaha kay midnight sale sa gaisano. sige ay, upod ta. haha gaka timingan ko man lang galing. te kita barato, buy. hehe

    gani pay. zero percent body fat ni xa guro. amo na indi xa mian cold water. no fats to keep her warm! haha

    ya, i also like her sprinkler. hehe oo next time ma munyag naman kami hehe

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