Stopped Breastfeeding

Stopped Breastfeeding

I stopped breastfeeding upon the advice of my doctor. I went to a specialist after my OB-Gyne recommended that I go see a specialist. She is suspecting that I might have developed a bone cyst after the long period that I was on IV.

So anyway, the doctor recommended that I undergo medication. If the pain and swelling will not subside, he may inject a painkiller or something in the area. So for now, he gave me Prednisone for swelling and Ponstan for pain. Thankfully, the medicines are cheap. But the hitch is, I will have to temporarily stop breastfeeding for two weeks–the duration of the medication. He said that I will have to give it another week for the medication to be released from my system before I can breastfeed again. I could pump milk just so my breasts would be stimulated to continue producing milk but I could not store it because the Prednisone leaches unto the breastmilk and the baby can ingest it.

Hopefully, when I resume breastfeeding that I will still have milk. I cannot let her latch because she still might swallow my milk even after I have pumped my breasts. Too bad for my baby. But I hope I get well soon because the pain can be excruciating at times, from my wrist and then my back.

Dindin is currently taking NAN HW. Her pediatrician recommended that formula because of my history of allergies and my Tatay’s asthma. She said there is a big chance that my baby also has allergies and she would not risk the milk triggering allergies in my young child. The milk is okay, except that if we mix it according to package instructions, she gets constipated. So I lessen the milk in the ratio, instead of 1:1, sometimes I make it 1:1.25 oz water.

Hang in there baby! Mama is getting well. 😀

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