Still on Heraclene

Dindin is still on Heraclene. This is her fourth day. She has fussed in the morning and at lunchtime. But I am not sure if it is really the eating or that because her morning schedule was disrupted because she woke up really late.

But anyway, she is quite heavier now after only 3 days of taking Heraclene. I can feel that she is getting heavier.

She played with the puzzle mat today. It was her first time to be on the floor. While I was assembling the puzzle mat, she was on the crib. She asked me, “Sia-mi?” Abaw!

When I put her on the mat, she enjoyed the mat at first then she realized that there is a much wider floor outside of her mat. First she touched it then hovered her hand over the floor. Then she pushed two of her toys and touched them. Finally, she edged herself off the mat and onto the floor. She liked the sensation.

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