Started Christmas Shopping Last Night

Started Christmas Shopping Last Night

My family and I already started our Christmas shopping for kids gifts last night.

Actually, we already have gifts for most of our family members. But we did not buy for the kids because we thought that we will give them something else. But since we have no time to make them, we bought some stuff last night and we were happy that we did. We found some unique items that the kids will surely like. And they were not that expensive, so at least we did not go out as paupers from the toy store.

And the good thing is, we got the toys all at one place! Such a happy time shopping!

Anyway, that will keep Dindin and I busy wrapping for the next few days. Tomorrow is already December 1, so that means we just have 25 more days to go till Christmas! But we will have to give the gifts earlier than December 25 so we better start wrapping! LOL

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