Spoiled Brat in the Making?

Dindin is a smart kid. She tries to observe our reactions to her behavior. There will be times when we really get to each other’s nerves. She will really try to push things up to where I will give up and let her have her way.

But I always tell her, “Dindin, you know that if it’s okay, Mama will give it to you. But if it’s not, you will never have your way.” I am not really sure if she understands these very words, but it seems to affect her. She would cry a bit and then act as if nothing happened. She will no longer insist onwhat she had been crying about.

Dindin, however, can be a moody and temperamental child. Or probably emotional. She has a choleric-melancholic personality. I have established that early on. There are times when she just wants to be left alone to think. I called these times her pensive moments. And I allow her to have that. If you distract her, she will cry. So I give her some amount of freedom to explore her personality. I am not a spoiler, or that is what I tell myself (haha), but I also don’t want Dindin to become a shadow of me. I want her to be able to find herself and let her grow and develop in the person that God has created her to be.

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