Spiritual Attacks

Spiritual Attacks

I am trying to write the script for the JUMP–a thanksgiving concert by His Life Ministries. They are going to hold the concert at the University of St. La Salle Coliseum with featured guests Kitchie Nadal, Ogie Cayabyab and the Tiny Cactus.

While I am trying to meditate and focus on this task, I have been getting a lot of hindrances to writing since Thursday. I have received many rush jobs with clients demanding that I finish pronto. And after I had done their requirements, they would find something that they would want re-done and I have to do their requirements all over again. And while I listened to the mp3 teaching of Ptr. Rick Warren on the Ministry of Giving, I had to pause the preaching many times in the 50 something minutes of audio because of so many distractions. It so happened that I needed to go to the restroom and pee. And also I had to take phone calls. Many people were texting me. And I even had a call that was not for me but was directed to me. Imagine that. And the preaching did not even take an hour.

My Nanay is also not feeling well so we are visiting her this weekend.

And tonight, I felt really bad and prayed harder because Dindin fell twice–once from the bed and once from the monobloc chair that she attempted to climb. And both instances happened in a split second! Gee! Oh God protect us, especially Dindin!

On top of all these, I have a nagging headache that has lasted for 2 days already.

Now it is almost 2 am and I am attempting to write. I have exactly 5 days to go. But if possible, I will turn out my script and e-mail it to the director and the pastors concerned by Monday for editing.

God help me. This is for Your glory.

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