Spending Time With Grandparents

Dindin always has fun with her grandparents.

Next to us, our children often look to our parents, their grandparents, as their second set of parents. This month, the country has celebrated Grandparents’ Day but I was not able to make a post about it. That is because it fell on September 9 and we got busy because it was also my mother’s birthday.

My father is retired and has always loved kids. When I reached the age of 30 and still unmarried, he was already saying that he would like to have a grandchild when he is still able to run around and climb trees. And he got what he wished for. I got married at 32 and had Dindin two years later and my father was so happy. My mother was, of course, also ecstatic but she is not as patient as my father.

That is the reason why Dindin calls her Lolo or Tatay, as her “special friend”. Nobody really taught her that and she would sometimes use it to tease my mother. But now she has learned and says Tatay is her special friend but Nanay is beautiful just like her. LOL This kid learns fast.

In this photo, Nanay and Tatay came over our house for a visit and Dindin told them that she was going to drive a bus and the folks would be her passengers. Here, they gamely sat on a can and a bucket that Dindin had arranged for them just so they could play “driving a bus.” hehe

Too bad though that my in-laws are always busy and could not spend as much time with playing with Dindin just like my parents. But I know that they love her just the same. 😀


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