Spending Some Time for Free Play

Spending Some Time for Free Play

Toys R Us display window

Playing at the Toys R Us display window

Wherever we go, Dindin assumes that she can just play. Thankfully, in most malls today, children are free to play and test out their displays.

In the photo above, I brought Dindin to Toys R Us at Robinsons Place Bacolod while her Papa bought stuff at CDR King. Since he always takes so long there, Dindin and I had some time for free play there. I took that photo while I was outside of the store through the glass display. She was alone and had the liberty to assign roles to the toys. She stayed there for more than 30 minutes. hehe

When we pass by a music store, she would surely tinker on the keys of a korg kronos. Sometimes, the clerk would turn on the unit so that she can hear the notes that she is pressing. If not, she will pretend that she is still making music while pressing the keys.

Sometimes, the sales people would let her borrow stuff in the hopes that Dindin would insist on buying it. They were betting that she would make a scene and so we will buy it for her. But they are mistaken because after playing, Dindin would just respectfully return it to them, say “Thank you”, and then go on her merry way. mwahahaha

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