Special Dresses

Dindin has several special dresses in her closet. And some of them spill over in my closet. That is because there are many good people who gift her with such things during special events, such as her dedication, Christmas, and her birthday.

And they really come in handy. These special occasion dresses served their purposes really well because Dindin gets invited to many parties. So well, at least, she has an outfit for any and every occasion. She loves parties and she loves nice dresses. She would even sometimes pick out the dress, the shoes, and the accessories to match. And she would really refuse to wear something that she doesn’t like.

On the other hand, she will really approve a dress that she likes. For example, if I let her wear a nice dress that she likes, she will say, “Wow, nice dress!” And tonight, I bought her a cap. I asked her to choose between the pink cap or the black and white cap. She chose the latter. In the car, she said, “Wow, I like this new hat. Very nice.”

A barely 2 year old girl, saying these things! My goodness! I wonder what she will tell me in the coming 6 months or 1 year!


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