Some Time Ago

Some Time Ago

dindin christmas

I am not sure how long I had a sabbatical from my mama blog. haha It is just that I had been busy with other things. I am working most of the time, and I work at being a mom, also at being a wife, and pretty much everything else in between. And oh I started a new cooking blog, too, which is also a food blog, and it is entitled Mama Cooks. Well, this idea had been in the shelf for so long and I just had the guts to do it. I said it was going to be about the new things that I cook for Dindin because she is already growing but instead each and every blog entry talks about my husband and out culinary adventures. haha

Okay, an update on Dindin. Today Dindin is 1 year and 9 months old! Yippee!!! We praise God for each passing day that she is growing lovelier and more obedient and smarter, too.

As for her milestone, I will only write here as far as I can remember because I have not recorded them as soon as they happened. So it is really too bad. But for the sake of this blog, I will try to remember everything.

December 4, 2010 – She signed letters from A-Z using the American Sign Language (ASL) signs. She knew how to sign for a long time already but it was the first time that I saw her sign the entire alphabet with her cutesy fingers. She looked so adorable while trying to form letters with her fingers that we forgot to take a video of the event. haha But it is okay, it is etched in our memory. Well there are certain signs that are quite hard, like M and N that she could not exactly do it, but she knew the position of the fingers.

October something – She sings whole songs, not only the last words of songs.

November something – She can catch up to the timing of songs. At first she would lag although she knew the words, but by this time, she could sing with familiar songs like the Wonder Pets theme and the Signing Time theme and the songs of Hi-5.

Hey, last night I thought of many things to blog but now I can only remember two. I have to ask my husband. hehe

And oh, I asked her to read the words she is familiar with from the Your Baby Can Read video. But these words are on a book, rendered in a different font style, has a different font size, and color. But she did read them!

By the way, Dindin has cough and colds since Wednesday. It is now Saturday but she still has them. There has been a sudden weather change, she was exposed to someone with cough and colds, and then I opened our cabinet and took out something dusty. So all these elements combined and she got an allergic cough. She is responding to nebulizer 3x with a combination of 1.25cc of salbutamol and 1.25cc of NSS. She also takes Blue Miracle drops and HiBee with her water. And yeah, high doses of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate). She is still energetic as ever and eats quite a lot and drinks milk. So no problem there.


We are going around Christmas set ups and taking photos. Dindin is enjoying the lovely display of Christmas lights in many establishments around Bacolod City. We particularly liked our photos taken at the 888 Chinatown Square, which looked like a lighted Wonderland. We are yet to go to Robinsons and Capitolville to see the houses there.

We also started her sticker board–which is a actually a piece of wide paper taped on an empty wall where with she can stick her stickers. She has fun trying to stick the stickers and making sure that each one does not overlap with the other. She looks like an artist trying to piece her artwork. She looks at the board first and the admires the sticker that she just posted. haha

I dunno what else! I will try to keep you all posted next time. 😀

dindin christmas 2

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  1. princess pepay

    yay! new updates! hehe… it’s been a while gid tuud… i got something for badin gle nang…because there was this warehouse sale diri of souvenir stuff… then i saw a make your own little teddy bear stuffed toy… i remembered you always have a bonding activity with badidin…so it could be something new for the two of you..hehe… these are the days that i just want to go home… 😀 mayo pa si din2…may mga pictures sa christmas trees…diri indi kaayo ma feel ang christmas…huhu…

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