Today, we went to Ace Hardware at SM City Bacolod south wing in order to pick our JML Air Globe that we left there for repairs.

After we got the repaired merchandise, we went to the SM supermarket in order to let Dindin play at the toys area. She loves this area that as soon as we set foot near the appliance display, she asked to be put on the floor. Then she ran to where the balls were and played. She also rode a ride on toy. She had so much fun!

She does this because she knows she can. When it is time to go home, she would leave the toys to return them to the sales reps there, say thank you, and wave good bye. The people there must be thinking that they don’t have sales with this child. NO matter what they would offer her, either she will refuse or she will return them when it is time to go home. This had happened several times already, but the most recent one was last Sunday.

We have not really trained her as such, she just has this uncanny trait that makes her act like an adult with sense and sensibilities. I am just proud of her.

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